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In addition to the Guidelines posted below, all listings are also subject to the County Connections LLC General Terms and Conditions.

County Connections Directory User Guidelines

By using our Directory services, you agree to the following:

  1. Registered Users are 18 years of age or older, and agree to all of the terms and conditions for the use of our Directory site.
  2. You will not transfer your County Connections Directory account and User ID to another party without our consent.
  3. County Connections LLC does not guarantee the accuracy of listings.
  4. We monitor the listings placed on the County Connections Directory site and we will remove any listings that do not follow the guidelines in this document. Our policy is to provide a community-oriented, family-friendly site which excels in bringing together Buyers and Sellers, and promotes community functions, without the problems presented by an unmonitored site. listings which do not fit into these guidelines may be moved or deleted without notice for any (but not limited to) of the following reasons:
    1. Creating multiple accounts for the purpose of exceeding our limit one listing per account policy. Each individual business is allowed one free account, which allows you to post a free listing. A single individual who owns or manages multiple businesses may have multiple accounts - one for each business. Multiple users in a household may each have their own account, but may not duplicate each other’s listings. We consider this to be spamming, and creating multiple accounts by using different email addresses to post the same listings will result in the extra account being removed without notice. More than one attempt to open multiple accounts for the purpose of spamming listings may result in all of the user(s) accounts being completely banned from posting on the site. If you need to post your business in more than one category or have multiple locations, we offer premium listings that enable this functionality.
    2. Personal or message listings, which includes any ad that contains a personal message, comment, complaint, or attack other Users or Businesses.
    3. Offensive, illegal or pornographic items. The County Connections website, including the Directory site, is intended to be a family-friendly site. Although Registered Users must be 18 years or older to register as a user, there is no restriction for individuals under that age to browse through our listings, so listings need to be kept family-friendly.
    4. Spam, chain letters, or pyramid schemes, or multi-level marketing or other solicitations. Sales agents that sell products via parties may list their product chain, but may not use the Directory service to advertise or announce parties or solicit additional sales representatives for their products. This includes solicitations for people to join groups or organizations other than for charitable, volunteer causes.
  5. You will not hold County Connections LLC responsible for postings by other users. While we may suspend or terminate any account that violates our policies without notification, you may at times find inappropriate postings that have not yet been dealt with. Please report problems, offensive content, and policy violations to us. We reserve the right to cancel unconfirmed accounts, delete inappropriate listings without notice or refund, and suspend or terminate the accounts of those who misuse our directory service in any way.

    Updated May 10, 2020

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